A New Chapter for Xuedou Mountain Begins

On Dec. 24, The Buddhist Academy Of Zhejiang was founded at Xuedou Mountain, Fenghua, with Maitreya College, Tendai College and The Buddhist Academy Of Wenzhou inaugurated at the same time. Those present at the  ceremony included Mao Guanglie, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Feng Zhili, director of United Front Work Department and Director of Religious and Ethnic Affairs Commission, Li Guanding, deputy mayor, Yu Weinian, Deputy Chairman of the Municipal PCC, together with guests and representatives across Buddhist Academies in Zhejiang. 
The foundation of The Buddhist Academy of Zhejiang marks the improvement of religious colleges and the promotion of Xuedou Mountain as the fifth-famous Chinese Buddhist mountain in China, said Mao Guanglie in his speech. The Academy is expected to be a cradle of Buddhissm with unique characteristics and a symbol of Xuedou Mountain.
Xuedou Mountain boasts for its tradition and history of Buddhist education. From the Republic of China era, when Master Taixu, the leader of Buddhism reform, was engaged in Buddhist education and established night schools for farmers to the end of last century when ˇ°Maitreya sangha classesˇ± as well as ˇ°Maitreya collegeˇ± were founded, it inherits the merits and develops with ongoing initiatives.
As reported, The Buddhist Academy Of Zhejiang is the first initiative of promoting Xuedou Mountain. After three years, 95% of the construction work is completed and it is due to open in September 2017. With teaching area and promotion area combined, the buildings will be pretty unique, among which are Maitreya college, Jungle management college, Buddhist college, graduate school as well as the research centers of Buddhism and Cross-straits Buddhism Exchanges.
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