Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition concludes

In the past four days, the first Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition held in the three exhibition halls attracted over 250,000 visits, waging a wave of consumption among Ningbo citizens.

Government-supported promotion

The influence of an activity is partly decided by its promotion strategy. The Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition, held during the 15th anniversary celebration of the Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum, is jointly supported by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Ningbo Municipal Government.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Trade Promotion Commission, before the beginning of the event, the organizer of the exhibition spread the information even to the communities of such distant areas as Beilun District, Zhenhai District and Cixi County, in the hope of attracting people from all areas and all walks of life.

Curiosity leading to consumption

For the local people in Ningbo, "Hong Kong" stands for a unique culture as well as the imaginations of their childhood, and that is why the exhibition appeals to them. With the advanced health-friendly household appliances, the featured Hong Kong snacks and the multi-style fashion brands, the exhibition has satisfied the people's appetite.

According to Fang Shunwen, President of Hong Kong TDC, just before the event, the council selected 200 featured brands after careful assessment of so many intentional exhibitors. At the exhibition, some characteristic brands have attracted people's eyes, especially the "food carnival" which integrates dozens of featured Hong Kong snacks.

Great potential for "high-end consumption"

Statistics show that in 2015, Ningbo ranked No.5 among all the cities in China in terms of the urban per capita disposable income, representing a large high-end consumption market and an adequate high-end consumption demand. This is the basis of the hosting of the Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition, as well as the inner cause for the hot selling scenes of the exhibition activity.  

Although the traditional retail industry is on the decline with the negative growth of such traditional industrial patterns as department stores, supermarkets and shopping malls, the high-end consumption market in Ningbo can still maintain steady development, mainly due to the increase of the people's income and the change of the consumption concepts.

The in-depth cooperation between Ningbo and Hong Kong just begins with the ending of the four-day shopping exhibition. During the event, the organizer arranged nearly 300 "point to point" trade docking activities between the Hong Kong exhibitors and Ningbo enterprises, dealers and agencies to help the Hong Kong businesses to settle down in Ningbo and explore its high-end consumption market.

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