Ningbo to Build 4 General Aviation Aerodromes

According to the overall planning of general aviation aerodromes in Zhejiang, the general aviation aerodromes can be classified into three cateogories:
The first refers to these aerodromes whose seating capacity is between 10 and 29 or handling capacity is over 3000 sorties.
The second refers to those aerodromes whose seating capacity is between 5 and 9 or handling capacity is between 600 and 3000 sorties.
The third are to the exclusive of the above two classes. They are primarily used seasonally or used as the temporary heliport or air harbor for the helicopters and seaplanes.
5 general aviation aerodromes will be built in Ningbo according to the overall planning , among which Ningbo Lishe International Airport will build and improve the site and facilities for general aviation to provide services for large-size corporate aircraft.
In addition, the other 4 general aviation aerodromes will be built in Ninghai, Cixi, Xiangshan and Meishan (Beilun) respectively.
Ninghai General Aviation Aerodrome belongs to the first class which is used as emergency rescue base in sea.
The general aviation aerodromes in Cixi, Xiangshan and Meishan(Beilun) belongs to the second class. These three aerodromes will not only provide refuel service for flights aiming at industrial & agricultural production, tourism resources development, aviation education training and emergency rescue but will also target at the development of aviation industry and tourism. Moreover, they will also function as the base airport of the helicopters and the seaplanes.
Meanwhile, as for those cities which are not equipped with transport airports, the first class general aviation aerodromes or the second class general aviation aerodromes, they can consider building a third class general aviation aerodromes.
The planning also gives clear suggestions for the cities in Zhejiang to make them have a better understanding of the classes of the general aviation aerodromes. For example, the general aviation aerodromes in Hangzhou and Ningbo should be mainly used to provide services for large-size corporate aircrafts and should strive to be the safeguard base for high-end corporate aircraft.
The general aviation will become part of the daily life for most people. For the general public, the general aviation shall be a better choice for travel in the future.
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